libcurl-devel - Files needed for building applications with libcurl

Website: https://curl.haxx.se/
License: MIT
Vendor: city-fan.org repo http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/
The libcurl-devel package includes header files and libraries necessary for
developing programs that use the libcurl library. It contains the API
documentation of the library, too.


libcurl-devel-7.61.1-1.0.cf.fc17.i686 [1011 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2018-09-05):
- Update to 7.61.1
  - Fix NTLM password overflow via integer overflow (CVE-2018-14618)
  - CURLINFO_SIZE_UPLOAD: Fix missing counter update
  - CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING.3: List them comma-separated
  - CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION.3: Might cause accidental connection reuse
  - Curl_getoff_all_pipelines: Improved for multiplexed
  - DEPRECATE: Remove release date from 7.62.0
  - HTTP: Don't attempt to needlessly decompress redirect body
  - INTERNALS: Require GnuTLS ≥ 2.11.3
  - README.md: Add LGTM.com code quality grade for C/C++
  - SSLCERTS: Improve the openssl command line
  - Silence GCC 8 cast-function-type warnings
  - ares: Check for NULL in completed-callback
  - asyn-thread: Remove unused macro
  - auth: Only pick CURLAUTH_BEARER if we *have* a Bearer token
  - auth: Pick Bearer authentication whenever a token is available
  - cmake: CMake config files are defining CURL_STATICLIB for static builds
  - cmake: Respect BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
  - cmake: Update scripts to use consistent style
  - cmake: Bumped minimum version to 3.4
  - cmake: Link curl to the OpenSSL targets instead of lib absolute paths
  - configure: Conditionally enable pedantic-errors
  - configure: Fix for -lpthread detection with OpenSSL and pkg-config
  - conn: Remove the boolean 'inuse' field
  - content_encoding: Accept up to 4 unknown trailer bytes after raw deflate data
  - cookie tests: Treat files as text
  - cookies: Support creation-time attribute for cookies
  - curl: Fix segfault when -H @headerfile is empty
  - curl: Add http code 408 to transient list for --retry
  - curl: Fix time-of-check, time-of-use race in dir creation
  - curl: Use Content-Disposition before the "URL end" for -OJ
  - curl: Warn the user if a given file name looks like an option
  - curl_threads: Silence bad-function-cast warning
  - darwinssl: Add support for ALPN negotiation
  - docs/CURLOPT_URL: Fix indentation
  - docs/CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION: Size is always 1
  - docs/SECURITY-PROCESS: Mention bounty, drop pre-notify
  - docs/examples: Add hiperfifo example using linux epoll/timerfd
  - docs: Add disallow-username-in-url.d and haproxy-protocol.d to dist
  - docs: Clarify NO_PROXY env variable functionality
  - docs: Improved the manual pages of some callbacks
  - docs: Mention NULL is fine input to several functions
  - formdata: Remove unused macro HTTPPOST_CONTENTTYPE_DEFAULT
  - gopher: Do not translate '?' to '%09'
  - header output: Switch off all styles, not just unbold
  - hostip: Fix unused variable warning
  - http2: Use correct format identifier for stream_id
  - http2: Abort the send_callback if not setup yet
  - http2: Avoid set_stream_user_data() before stream is assigned
  - http2: Check nghttp2_session_set_stream_user_data return code
  - http2: Clear the drain counter in Curl_http2_done
  - http2: Make sure to send after RST_STREAM
  - http2: Separate easy handle from connections better
  - http: Fix for tiny "HTTP/0.9" response
  - http_proxy: Remove unused macro SELECT_TIMEOUT
  - lib/Makefile: Only do symbol hiding if told to
  - lib1502: Fix memory leak in torture test
  - lib1522: Fix curl_easy_setopt argument type
  - libcurl-thread.3: Expand somewhat on the NO_SIGNAL motivation
  - mime: Check Curl_rand_hex's return code
  - multi: Always do the COMPLETED procedure/state
  - openssl: Assume engine support in 1.0.0 or later
  - openssl: Fix debug messages
  - projects: Improve Windows perl detection in batch scripts
  - retry: Return error if rewind was necessary but didn't happen
  - reuse_conn(): Memory leak - free old_conn->options
  - schannel: Client certificate store opening fix
  - schannel: Enable CALG_TLS1PRF for w32api ≥ 5.1
  - schannel: Fix MinGW compile break
  - sftp: Don't send post-qoute sequence when retrying a connection
  - smb: Fix memory leak on early failure
  - smb: Fix memory-leak in URL parse error path
  - smb_getsock: Always wait for write socket too
  - ssh-libssh: Fix infinite connect loop on invalid private key
  - ssh-libssh: Reduce excessive verbose output about pubkey auth
  - ssh-libssh: Use FALLTHROUGH to silence gcc8
  - ssl: Set engine implicitly when a PKCS#11 URI is provided
  - sws: Handle EINTR when calling select()
  - system_win32: Fix version checking
  - telnet: Remove unused macros TELOPTS and TELCMDS
  - test1143: Disable MSYS2's POSIX path conversion
  - test1148: Disable if decimal separator is not point
  - test1307: (fnmatch testing) disabled
  - test1422: Add required file feature
  - test1531: Add timeout
  - test1540: Remove unused macro TEST_HANG_TIMEOUT
  - test214: Disable MSYS2's POSIX path conversion for URL
  - test320: Treat curl320.out file as binary
  - tests/http_pipe.py: Use /usr/bin/env to find python
  - tests: Don't use Windows path %PWD for SSH tests
  - tests: Fixes for Windows line endlings
  - tool_operate: Fix setting proxy TLS 1.3 ciphers
  - travis: Build darwinssl on macos 10.12 to fix linker errors
  - travis: Execute "set -eo pipefail" for coverage build
  - travis: Run a 'make checksrc' too
  - travis: Update to GCC-8
  - travis: Verify that man pages can be regenerated
  - upload: Allocate upload buffer on-demand
  - upload: Change default UPLOAD_BUFSIZE to 64KB
  - urldata: Remove unused pipe_broke struct field
  - vtls: Reinstantiate engine on duplicated handles
  - windows: Implement send buffer tuning
  - wolfSSL/CyaSSL: Fix memory leak in Curl_cyassl_random

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